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Building Safety

The purpose and function of the Building Safety Department is to ensure public safety, health and welfare during building construction and renovation; to secure the safety of life and property from hazards incidental to the design, erection, repair and occupancy of buildings through proper inspection practices; and to preserve the appearance and property value of existing housing through efficient code enforcement; while providing the highest level of customer service attainable.


  • We believe the residents of Manhattan and builders alike are entitled to professional, efficient and accurate guidance from trained professionals in the areas of construction and maintenance of any and all property within the Village.


  • We are committed to provide the highest level of professional, ethical and customer-oriented services to our residents and fellow professionals in a courteous and timely manner.


  • We willingly participate in a program of continuing education and testing in order to keep our staff informed of the latest techniques and requirements within the building trades industry, national building and fire codes as well as customer service and computer literacy.


The Building Safety Department serves a vital role in the community and wants to provide that service to you in the most expeditious and courteous manner possible. 


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