Village of Manhattan 

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Water/Sewer/Refuse Service

New residents are required to complete an application for service prior to moving in. Billing statements are mailed monthly and due the last day of the month.  For your convenience, payments can be made:
•  in person at the Village Hall or in our 24 hr. drop box- located on the east side of parking lot
•  in person at any First Bank of Manhattan location        
             •  pay on our website with E-Pay. Sorry, we do not accept phone payments.                  
•  you can sign up for direct debit (this would allow payments to be made directly from our bank account on the last day of each month)

direct debit application

Moving - please notify Water Department at least 3 days prior to moving so the 
             meter can be read for the final water billing.

Vehicle Stickers
Vehicle stickers are not required in the Village of Manhattan.

Refuse and recycle totes are provided by Waste Management. Please telephone the Village Hall for the totes if they are not already at the residence. The totes are property of Waste Management, when you move the totes must remain at the residence.

Pick-up day is Monday, please have your totes out by 6 a.m., but not before midnight on Saturday. Waste Management has no set pick up time the day of collection, pick up times can vary as routes change and pick up can occur as late as 6:30pm. Please do call us if Waste Management did not pick up on their scheduled pick up day, but not if they are just running late from their normal pick up time.

Waste Management observes the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. When pick-up falls on one of the holidays, garbage will be picked up the following weekday.

One large household item, such as discarded furniture, mattresses, chairs, etc., will be collected on the regular pick-up day.  A maximum of 8 rolls of carpeting/padding that is cut and rolled in 4 foot lengths weighing no more than 50 lbs. each may be substituted for the large item. Additional oversized items may required a special pick-up. Please contact Waste Management Customer Service to see what qualifies for regular pick-up, all service requests or special pick-ups at 1-800-796-9696.
Yard Waste
Yard Waste is collected on Mondays from April 1st through November 30th. Yard Waste must be placed in either a kraft-type paper bag or in a standard 32-gallon refuse container clearly marked with a "Yard Waste Only" sticker. Stickers are free and available at the Village Hall. Tree branches, bushes and limbs should be cut into 4 foot lengths and bundled with string or twine, and each bundle must weight less than 50 lbs. Christmas trees will be collected after the holidays.

Animal Control Regulations
Except for legally permitted commercial kennels, the keeping of more than four (4) dogs and cats in the aggregate (e.g., 4 dogs, 2 dogs and 2 cats, 1 dog and 3 cats or 4 cats) on one zoning lot within the village is prohibited, provided this does not apply to litters of pups or kittens less than four (4) months of age.  In addition to this, the owner of every animal shall be responsible for the immediate removal and sanitary disposition of excreta deposited by their animal. The keeping of livestock (i.e. chickens, pigs, etc.) is prohibited.

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