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FOI Request Instructions

Freedom of Information requests may be made either on the Village of Manhattan Freedom of Information form or in letter form. Your letter should include your name, your address, the date and a daytime phone number so that you can be reached. You must describe the information you are seeking. Providing as much information as possible in the request will expedite the response. Your letter must also state if your request is for commercial purposes.

FOIA requests should be made to the Village in writing, so that a copy of the request may be kept on file.

Freedom of Information requests should be submitted to the Village FOIA Officer. See below:

Village Administrative Offices

Kevin Sing, Village Administrator
Village of Manhattan
260 Market Place
Manhattan, IL 60442

Police Department
Mattie Becker, Police Administrative Assistant    Village of Manhattan
245 S. State Street
Manhattan, IL 60442


ILCS Freedom of Information Act

Village of Manhattan 260 Market Place, Manhattan, IL 60442 815-418-2100 Village Hall Hours are M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm