Village of Manhattan 

Memories with Progress

Why should I get involved with Neighborhood Watch?

The Benefits:

  • Unites the community  and increases neighborhood cohesion
  • Reduces fear of crime in the community
  • Improves crime reporting by citizens
  • Prevents and reduces Crime

Strong and Healthy Neighborhoods

  • We all value a sense of security as a vital feature of the neighborhoods where we live.
  • A sizable number of us (about one in four) enjoy building the formal and informal links that strengthen safety. Source The Allstate Survey on Safer more Caring Communities
  • People are willing to join together to increase neighborhood safety
  • Six out ten belong to Neighborhood Watch where it is available Source Are We Safer? A NCPC  survey by ADT
  • Neighborhood Cohesion-neighbors who know and look out for each other-is among the strongest features of safer neighborhoods, according to researchers at Harvard University.

National Crime Prevention Council 2006

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Village of Manhattan 260 Market Place, Manhattan, IL 60442 815-418-2100 Village Hall Hours are M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm