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Memories with Progress
The Village of Manhattan has created this section for residents and businesses to get information on the current construction projects taking place around town. It's the Village of Manhattan's goal to keep everyone informed. To find out information on specific projects please check the links at the bottom of this page periodically. Should you have any questions regarding the construction projects please call 815-418-2100 during normal working hours.

Road Resurfacing

Road resurfacing for Thelma and Lee streets will begin with grinding on Thursday, August 24th and paving on Wednesday, August 30th and Thursday, August 31st.


Road resurfacing for Chippewa Lane and Iroquois in the White Feather subdivision will begin with grinding on Thursday, August 24th, patching on Friday, August 25th and then complete the paving on August 28th-29th.

Village of Manhattan- 2017 Street Resurfacing & Roadway Maintenance List

Road construction season is beginning and the following streets will be undergoing street resurfacing & roadway maintenance.

Streets to be Resurfaced

Second Street- US 52 to Jan Street

Whitson Street- US 52 to Thelma Avenue

First Street to Lee Street

Lee Street- North Street to Thelma Avenue

Kay Street- North  Street to South Dead End

Jan Street- North Street to South Dead End

Wabash Street- US 52 to Park Road

Elwood Road- Front Street to Previously Resurfaced Limit

Woodrow Avenue- Marion Street to Cul-de-Sac

Morgan Court- Marion Street to Cul-de-Sac

Fairview Drive- Manhattan Road to Marion Street

Sweedler Road- Gougar Road to Village Limits (This is an add-on road depending on bid numbers)


Streets to have Structure  Adjustments, Curb & Sidewalk Repair

Calla Drive- Andrea Drive to Third Street

Brynn Drive- North Street to Third Street

Julianne Drive

Ridgefield Drive- Rosewood Lane to Fitzgerald Lane

Cobblestone Court- Fitzgerald Lane to Dead End

Wildflower Lane- Ridgefield Drive to Lakeview Drive

Lismore Lane- Donegal Drive to Waterford Lane

Eamon Court- Blackthrone Road to Cul-de-Sac

Gougar Road- Manhattan Road to Sweedler Road


Streets to be Re-Striped

Gougar Road- Manhattan Road to Sweedler Road

Sweedler Road- Village Limits to Metra  Entrance

Pauling Road- Cedar Road to Kankakee Street

Smith Road- US 52 to Cedar Road

Baker Road- Eastern Avenue to Cedar Road

Kankakee Street- Baker to South End of Sunset

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